Site Development

Site Development

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The City Fields Masterplan

Wakefield Council has commissioned White Young Green to produce a detailed master plan for City Fields which will be completed by December 2016. The master plan is being prepared to guide and promote the development and regeneration of the City Fields area.

A concept master plan was produced for City Fields in 2013, however the new master plan will build on this work and provide more detail to assist in the development of new neighbourhoods that are successful and popular and offer residents and businesses a good quality of life.

The masterplan will:

  • Outline a vision to guide growth and development
  • Set out the activities and uses of the site
  • Show how people will get about on foot, by bicycle, car or public transport
  • Explain how the site will be developed and will show how streets and open spaces are to be connected
  • Show how distinct neighbourhood areas can be created
  • Provide an indicative phasing and timing plan for the developments

City Fields Master Plan Exhibition

Wakefield residents are invited to view plans and provide feedback on the development of City Fields. Plans will be exhibited to the public on:

Friday 11th November between 3pm and 7pm at St Peter’s Church Hall, Kirkthorpe and Saturday 12th November between 1pm and 5pm at St Swithuns Community Centre, Eastmoor

Click here to see further information about the exhibition

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See the Comments form here to provide feedback

Public Art at City Fields

The Council has appointed Beam to produce a Public Art Plan for City Fields and they will also begin the delivery of a programme of public art work on the Miller Homes site.

Over the next few months Beam will meet with residents and land owners to develop the Plan which can then be integrated into the master plan. The Plan will guide the future provision of public art across the development and support the creation of a distinctive identity and a strong and healthy community for the new community at City Fields. The Plan will be completed before December and we expect the first artworks to be commissioned before the end of 2017.

Watch the City Fields video below